Multifunctioneel werklicht

Multifunctioneel werklicht
Multifunctional work light Model:GAD329
Gespecialiseerd in onderzoek en ontwikkeling van industriële verlichting, productie en verkoop van de nationale hightechbedrijven
Multifunctional work light Light source: LED
Multifunctional work light Wattage: 3W
Multifunctional work light Temperature class: T1 to T6
Multifunctional work light IP Code: IP65
Multifunctional work light Continuous working time: strong light: ≥16h

Multifunctional work light Scope of application and use
◆Suitable for railway, electric industry, public security, oil field, metallurgy, petrochemical, enterprise night field operation, cargo yard loading and unloading, patrol maintenance, accident emergency repair work site to provide mobile lighting.
Multifunctional work light Product Features
◆High efficiency and energy saving: This product adopts international famous brand LED light source, which has high luminous efficiency, high color rendering, low energy consumption, long service life, maintenance-free, and no subsequent use costs;
◆Practical function: built-in mobile power charging function, there is a DC5V, 1A USB output interface on the lamp, which can provide emergency charging for digital products at any time;
◆Light distribution science: scientific light distribution design, large illumination range, soft and uniform light, which can realize close-range and large-scale lighting;
◆Waterproof and anti-fall: It is designed with a fully sealed process and can be used in humid environments and harsh weather conditions. The special aluminum alloy shell ensures that the product can withstand strong collisions and impacts. The transparent parts are imported high-quality products.
The strength bulletproof material can make the light source soft and uniform, and the environmentally friendly silicone protective cover can effectively strengthen the product's resistance:
◆Intelligent control: This product is equipped with flashlight function, signal light function, three adjustable 8-light light functions, high-brightness warning flashing function, single-button control switch and - - button quick switch function, which can be easier and more convenient.
◆Light and durable: There is a lanyard at the end, which can not only prevent the product from falling off accidentally, but also can be used as a hanging lamp. At the same time, it is equipped with a magnetic base, which can be easily and quickly adsorbed on various iron components.
Multifunctional work light Main technical parameters
model GAD329
nominale spanning. 3,7 v
licht led
nominaal vermogen 27W
Beschermingsklasse Ip66
Oplaadtijd ≤6u
Nominale capaciteit 10Ah
Continue werktijd sterk licht: ≥8u
Signal light: ≥ 16h
Batterijleven ongeveer 1000 cycli
Levensduur ≥10000H
Gewicht 205g
Dimensies 32*230mm

Multifunctional work light Order Notice
◆The color of the light source is divided into white light and warm white light, the conventional factory "configure white light, if you need warm white light, please specify when ordering;
, Lamps can be equipped with lifting rods, if necessary, please specify;
◆Als u andere vereisten heeft, neem dan contact op met het bedrijf.

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